Sally, Pride Of Our Alley - Gerry Monroe

"Lending both ears and eyes to 8000 talented hopefuls yearly, is the job of the "Opportunity Knocks" audition team. It is a tough, tiring, job but, when one looks at those who have passed through the portals of "Opportunity Knocks", such as Frankie Vaughan, The Bachelors, Freddie Davies, Les Dawson, Mary Hopkins, Pickettywitch and The Casuals, to name but a few, it is evident how rewarding the effort is. When Gerry Monroe entered these revered portals, he sang himself instantly on to the show. He is a great talent and this album proves just how many years of music he has in him, to please both young and old alike. "This man has a most unusual quality. His soprano rendition of the 'oldie', "Sally", comes off well and has all the appeal needed to do well in the business of popular music".

Hughie Green and Len Marten. 1970.

Credits:- Produced by Les Reed and Jackie Rae. Arranged by Les Reed and Alan Tew. Engineer - Mike Thompson. Recorded at Wessex-Reed Studios. Re-mastered by Nick Hogarth 2006.

  Secret Love 
  He's Got The Whole World In His Hands 
  My Prayer   
  Bless 'Em All   
  Danny Boy   
  I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time   
  Bridge Over Troubled Water 
  Somethings Gotten Hold Of My Heart 
  She Taught Me How To Yodel