Bryan Chalker's New Frontier - Bryan Chalker

"Included on this album are instruments such as the electric lute, acoustic and electric guitars, oboe, mouth-organ, steel guitar, string bass and jaws-harp. The remainder of the group's instruments featured on this album are fairly conventional, save for the electric lute. Although closely resembling 16th and 17th century lutes, this particular instrument is a mongrel and, therefore, rather unusual.
"On behalf of my group - Graham Butterfield, Mik Jones and Stanley Blacker - I would like to say a big thank you to those people who had faith in our sound and songs from the beginning. Our thanks to Les Reed, Royston Mayoh, George Watkins, Bill Bebb, Louis Rudd, Hughie Green and Des Dolan and, in particular, Bob Powell, of 'London Country', Larry Adams and Roy Watson, of 'Kent Country Scene'.

Bryan Chalker 1972.

Credits:- Bryan Chalker: Vocals/Lute/Mouth bow/Harmonica/Jaws-Harp. Graham Butterfield: Guitar (acoustic and electric). Mik Jones: String Bass.
Produced by Les Reed. Arranged by Alan Tew. Engineers: Mike and Robin Thompson. Recorded at Wessex-Reed Studios. Re-mastered by Nick Hogarth 2006.

  Me And Bobby McGee   
  Prison Grey   
  The Eskimo Song 
  Half Breed 
  Daddy Sang Bass 
  No One But I   
  Cripple Creek 
  Baby Rocked Her Dolly   
  Sally Sunshine   
  The Champlain And St. Lawrence Line 
  Help Me Make It Through The Night 
  Beautiful Memory 
  Squaws Along The Yukon 
  Lot 109